Vely Vely - Top Quality - 1 Year Warranty
Vely Vely - Top Quality - 1 Year Warranty

Vely Vely

Top Quality - 1 Year Warranty

Vely Vely is a cosmetic bag that allows you to see all of your cosmetics at once, and clean up in seconds Pull the drawstring cord to cinch completely closed to stow Pack the bag in your suitcase, tuck it in your overnight bag. A smart & easy 4-in-1 solution, clean surface, quick cleanup, carryall, and storage No more digging and dumping in a traditional black hole make up bag Machine washable and wipeable! Broken eyeshadow? Spilled foundation? No problem! You must have always disliked putting your cosmetics directly on a hotel vanity when traveling. With this great cosmetic "bag", case solved! The bag opens up completely as shown; you can lay it out and organize your cosmetics right in it. Then, simply pull the draw cord and it's a bag again.


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