Tchello Pro - Top Quality - 5 Years Warranty

Tchello Pro

Top Quality - 5 Years Warranty

TCHELLO Pro ( Single Glazed Window Up to 9 MM ) is the only window cleaner with 4 Squeegees 2 on each side. It's an advanced excellent magnet cleaner. It Is used by professionals to clean the exterior of windows while staying in the room, It actually cleans both sides of the window at the same time with superior cleaning quality. The outside element of TCHELLO is strongly attracted to the inside part by powerfull light weight rare-earth magnet . the attraction between the two parts is so strong that will never fall off. Cleans windows of thickness from 3mm to10 mm. Special 2pcs Microfiber Cloth For Scrubbing Heavy Dirt.

Dimensions: 27cm x 7cm (220cm wire) Cleaning windows with TCHELLO PRO IS AN EASY , PLEASANT AND ENJOYABLE EXPERIENCE


Attention very important: for very dirty window paints apply first the special microfiber clothes (dry) to scrub off excess dirt.

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