*Minimax Deluxe* - 1 Year Warranty

*Minimax Deluxe*

1 Year Warranty
The Portable Charger that can JUMP YOUR CAR! Introducing MiniMax Deluxe?, the most innovative portable charger ever made, and the world's smallest car jump-starter. MiniMax Deluxe is a revolution in battery technology, allowing it to charge your phone, tablet,Camera and ...yes...JUMP START A CAR OR TRUCK, BOAT OR MOTORCYCLE. Portable No bigger than a smartphone. Versatile Power when you need it most. MiniMax Deluxe is no bigger than a cell phone yet can jump start cars with dead batteries AND charge all of your devices including iphones, iPads, Android & Windows devices, and any other device that uses USB to charge. The MiniMax Deluxe is only 6" x 3" and weights only 10 ounces. It fits in your pocket, purse, glove box, and the palm of your hand. You can take it ANYWHERE! THE VIDEO POSTED BELOW REPRESENTS THE REGULAR MINIMAX BUT WE HAVE THE MINIMAX DELUXE , WAY MORE POWERFUL, WE ARE OFFERING THE MINIMAX DELUXE FOR THE SAME PRICE AS THE REGULAR MINIMAX