Sticky pro 3pcs - Top Quality - 10 Years Warranty

Sticky pro 3pcs

Top Quality - 10 Years Warranty


Sticky Pro really is the fast and easy way to pick up just about anything, because it’s the super-sticky, rolling hair, lint, crumb, Dust, bug. and particle picker-upper that grabs the small stuff, like metal on a magnet.

Sticky Pro  never loses its sticky surface, you just rinse it in water dry it and use it over and over again.  Pick a mess and watch it go away…

Sticky Pro  works on any surface for every mess imaginable.

Roll up the hairy mess that pet leaves behind. Give your pet a gentle Sticky Pro massage and roll up the loose hair before she sheds it all over the house,then just rinse it and it’s completely clean. Roll it dry and it stays sticky again.

Got even bigger messes, then you’re going to love the GIANT Sticky Pro.  The tacky roller tackles even bigger blunders and messes. Add the extension handle and grab dust hiding throughout the house, get up to nab those creepy cob webs and dust from blinds, and curtains or under the bed.

Want to get your carpet really clean? Sticky Pro has deep cleaning ridges that penetrate and separate the carpet fibres, rolls, grabs and removes it.  Clean the carpet and roll on to the hardwood, without switching to a vacuum or broom, because Sticky Pro is the premier picker upper on carpet, linoleum, granite, concrete, even glass. It will save you hours in household cleanup jobs. No matter the mess or the surface, Sticky Pro, rolls it, grabs it and removes it… no glue, goo or sticky stuff left behind.

Sticky Pro simply rinses clean when wet, just add water….No Sticky tape to replace or refills to run out. So it just keeps rolling.

Sticky pro is slippery when wet and sticky when dry.


Special Features:

-Reusable and washable

-Works on all kinds of surface

-Safe on delicate fabrics



►1 large Sticky Pro

►1 Medium Sticky Pro

►1 Mini Sticky pro

►1 Large Sticky pro storage cover

►1 Medium Sticky pro storage cover

►1 Pole


NOTE: If sticky Pro does not feel sticky as the day you bought it, Apply some greace cutting dish soap directly to it, rub it in and rinse it with warm water. This will cut the natural oils and food being picked up and revitalize the surface Sticky Pro  will become as sticky as NEW.


Warranty:   Sticky Pro has 10 year warranty , does not cover personal abuse or miss use.